Gary M. Scoggin, P.E.

Registered Professional Engineer / Certified Sustainability Practitioner

Sustainability and Environmental Management Consultant

I’m a sustainability, environmental and safety professional with over forty years of experience in the energy, petrochemical, and other manufacturing industries. My specialty is helping people solve complex sustainability and environmental business problems. I’m also a registered professional engineer in Texas and a Certified Sustainability Practitioner.

I’ve dealt with issues at all levels of an organization: From sorting out things in operating plants to writing briefs to the Board of Directors of one of the largest companies in the world. I’ve worked on issues with… 

  • corporate management at all levels
  • operators and craftsmen in the field, 
  • industry peers in local, national and global trade organizations
  • citizens and activists in the community, 
  • state and federal regulators, 
  • Members of Congress and their staffs
  • the Press. 

I have on the ground experience in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

CO2 EOR Could Be Industry’s Key to a Sustainable Future or Its Biggest Missed Opportunity

An interesting article from SPE’s Journal of Petroleum Technology which outlines a lot of the econonomic and technical challenges pertaining to Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS). The economic discussion goes into depth regarding the sources of value pertaining to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and the tax incentives for CCUS. However, it doesn’t really speak…

Flying Blind: What Do Investors Really Know About Climate Change Risks in the U.S. Equity and Municipal Debt Markets?

I ran across this new paper a few days ago. The authors make two important arguments…”First, the quality of disclosures is highly uneven and generally lousy. There are some signs that whilethe volume of disclosure from corporate equities rose sharply over the last decade, anecdotal evidencesuggests quality has gone down. More firms are disclosing…

How do you Tackle Sustainability? Opportunity and Threat

I am coming here from the perspective of a consultant working with mid-sized energy companies. There are three key things to consider when addressing sustainability challenges: 1. Key stakeholders, especially investors, are interested. Many large, institutional investors are becoming more active in encouraging – or even requiring – companies to continually improve their ESG performance.…